How To Improve Your Conference & Event ROI

Picture of using NFC-embedded and QR-enabled Linq Event Badge at a conference

Conference and event season is back in full swing! And as exciting as that may be, preparing for conferences and events can be stressful. Prepare in advance and that’s when you make the most out of every new connection, increase your visibility, and maximize your ROI on the conference.

One of the simplest and smartest (if we can be so bold) ways to prep is to create—or update—your Linq page(s) and pack your Linq products.

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4 Ways To Use Linq To Better Your Conference ROI

1. Collect contact info

Don’t just share out your information! Using Linq, you can easily collect contact information from your new connections—effectively putting the ball back in your court. After you share your Linq page with a new contact, ask them to tap the “Save Contact” button. This saves your contact information into their phone, then prompts them to send you their information.

2. Add the iOS widget

If you’re an iPhone user, you can add the Linq Widget to your Lock Screen, Today View, and Home Screen—making it that much easier (and faster) to share your Linq page with a new connection. (Not sure how to add a widget to your iPhone? Get step-by-step instructions here.)

3. Optimize your page

Before your next conference, take the time to brush up your Linq page for the event: bulk up content that relates to the focus of the conference, update photos, check to make sure your links still work, etc. And perhaps most importantly: put your most valuable information above the fold. “Above the fold” refers to what you can see on your phone or computer screen before you begin to scroll. It will garner the most views and interactions. Then, order the rest of your content accordingly.

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4. Scan paper cards

Using your cellphone camera and the business card scanner feature in the Linq app, you can instantly import the key information from a paper card directly into your phone to then save as a new contact.

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The Best Linq Products For Events & Conferences

You don’t need a Linq product to use Linq, but it makes that first impression even more impressive and memorable. Don’t just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying:

“Using Linq at conferences has made it so much easier to connect and network. We got lots of compliments on our Linq [products], including from a colleague who said she was going to switch to Linq from the competitor she was using.”
—Jodie C.

These are the Linq products that we recommend for in-person events and conferences:

Linq Badges. Our newest product—the Linq Event Badge—is sized just right for events and conferences at 4” wide x 6” tall. Plus, it’s NFC-embedded and QR-equipped so it’s ultra-easy to share your information. Or, if you prefer something smaller, our standard Linq Badge offers the same features and benefits in a more compact size. Purchase either badge for yourself or design matching ones for your entire team!

Linq in Bulk. Introducing our all-new bulk pricing! If you have a large team or are an event organizer and want to use Linq to power your event or you have a large team, you can save up to 60% when you buy Linq products in bulk. Bulk pricing starts when you purchase 10 of any product (some exclusions apply).

Wearables & Accessories. Conferences, expos, and events are basically synonymous with on-the-go. That’s when our wearables (Linq Bracelet V3 and Linq Stretch) and other accessories like Linq Taps and Linq Tags are incredibly convenient.

Linq Hubs. These are great for booths at conferences and expos or tabletops at events. Use the Linq Hub to capture attendees' contact information, or build out a Linq page that showcases everything you want potential customers to know about you and/or your company.

Linq Bundles. When you purchase products together via our bundles, you can save up to 30%. We offer four different bundles. The Networking Bundle comes with a mini hub, card, and bracelet. The Event Bundle includes a hub, badge, and your choice of a bracelet or QR Tap. Or, the Event Team Bundle comes with three badges, one hub, and three bracelets or QR taps. And there are also Color Bundles, which pair a Linq Card with the same color Linq Bracelet V3.