5 Ways To Increase Your Team’s Adoption of a Digital Business Card

Supercharge your networking with Linq for Teams NFC digital business cards and QR-enabled products

“Digital business cards seem amazing, but my team doesn’t do well with new technology”

We hear this concern more often than we care to admit. A frustrated manager or team admin wants to level-up their team’s networking, marketing power, sales potential, fill in the blank. But they can’t get past some of their teammates tech-phobia or tech-anxiety of digital business cards. It’s a very real hurdle that teams spanning all age ranges sometimes face.

The worst part? The team member’s hesitation is costing the company money in missed opportunities.

We get it, though. Convincing a team to adopt new practices is not always seamless. That’s why there are 5 key built-in features within Linq for Teams that make the transition smoother, simpler, and more successful.

  1. Customizable Templates. These are a favorite because they save time and maintain brand consistency when implementing Linq for Teams in your organization. That’s because one person (usually the Team Admin) can create a standard profile for the entire team and build it out with as much information as needed (think: FAQs, PDFs, product photo galleries, etc.). There’s no set-up required for team members. So now you can quite literally hand your colleagues a fully prepped card, and all the set-up work is done for them.

  2. Automatic CRM Integrations. Take the manual entry out of database management—which costs time and is prone to human error—when you sync your CRM with your Linq account. Then, when a team member shares their card with new contacts that new connection seamlessly drops into your choice of software.

  3. Product Activator. One of our newest features allows Team Admins to pre-assign and activate their Linq digital business cards (or other Linq NFC-embedded and QR-enabled products). So now you can quite literally hand your colleagues a fully prepped card, and all the set-up work is done for them.

  4. Remote Admin Controls. Take the reins from afar. Even after you’ve distributed your Linq products to your team, if a team member needs some assistance, your team admin will have access from wherever they are to set things right. This includes locking fields you wish to be un-editable and transferring products from former employees to new ones. (See how easy it is to get started with your Linq for Teams subscription here.)

  5. Linq Support. We take our customer service very seriously at Linq. We believe our customer support is unparalleled in the industry. When you join Linq for Teams, you have 24/7 access to team-specific education materials as well as weekly onboardings and training sessions. When you join Linq for Teams as an enterprise team, you will work with a dedicated Teams Success manager for onboarding, custom integrations, and ongoing support throughout the life of your account.

Yes, a little trepidation is to be expected when you’re considering rolling out a new technology like NFC business cards, but these Linq For Teams features take the headaches out of adoption, and keep your team focused on what they do best.

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