Which Is Best for Your Business—Linq for Teams or Linq Pro?

Image comparing Linq Pro with Linq for Teams

If you’re using our standard, free Linq account you have access to basic analytics and can customize your profile page with contact information, custom links, a photo gallery, and social media profiles.

If you want your digital business card to do more (and let us tell you, Linq can do so much more!), then consider a Linq Pro or Linq for Teams account.

But what do those accounts offer, and what is the difference between our Pro and Teams accounts? Let’s break it down.

The Benefits of Linq Pro

If you want to elevate the look and feel of your Linq profile page and enhance your networking, you’re going to want to upgrade to Linq Pro. With a pro account, you, of course, still get all of the features available in the standard, free Linq account.

Go pro with us and you get access to more advanced features. Let’s take a look at each of the additional features that come with Linq Pro:

Linq Pro Features

Advanced analytics

In our standard, free Linq account, you get basic analytics like how many people looked at and clicked on your profile page in the last 24 hours, 7 days, and “all time.” Advanced analytics—as the name implies—go deeper. Linq Pro advanced analytics gives you what’s called “click-level analytics,” meaning you can see how many people engage with your Linq profile page and which sections of your page they click on or read.

Custom logo in profile

Easily upload—or drag and drop—your company logo into the Logo Photo tile (under page settings) and your logo will appear alongside your profile picture at the top of your Linq page. Each profile page can have a different logo.

example of how to upload a custom logo

Multiple profile pages

This is one of our most used features. In our standard, free Linq account you can have 1 page. With Pro, you can have as many as 5 Linq profile pages.

Video and Music embeds

To embed a video in your Linq profile page, all you need is the YouTube or Vimeo video URL (other video platforms aren’t supported—yet). It’s easy to add: simply choose a custom title and paste the URL into the tile.

You can also embed music and podcasts via Spotify or Soundcloud. By adding URLs from either platform of your favorite playlist, single song, or podcast, anyone who goes to your Linq profile page will be able to play whatever you’ve chosen directly from your profile page.

example of a video embed on a Linq profile page

Schedule meetings

Add a button to your Linq profile page that sends your contacts directly to your Calendly or Acuity Scheduling calendars.

Custom forms

Do you want visitors to your Linq profile page to have the option to share their contact information with you? Through our “Leads Form” tile you can embed a form into your profile page. Potential leads can share their name, email, and/or phone number and the submit button text is customizable.

Or, perhaps you have a PDF that you would like to make publicly available for download. Add it to the “Files” tile.

Linq Leap

This feature allows you to automatically redirect visitors to your Linq profile page to any URL of your choosing. Even better, you don’t have to remember to go back and disable the leap because you can set an expiration date and time.

Paper business card scanner

Save yourself the time of manually adding a new connection’s paper business card details into your contacts with our paper business card scanner. Also, scan your heart out: we offer unlimited scans!

example of how to scan a paper business card

The Benefits of Linq for Teams

We created Linq for Teams for businesses. It’s the most comprehensive solution to getting your organization’s teams on the same page. And also, giving your team custom digital business cards enables easy communication and real-time analytics for your business.

With Linq for Teams, team leaders and admins can easily edit and update employees’, or company’s, profiles for brand consistency, as well as manage team permissions—all from one place.

With a Linq for Teams account, you have access to all of the features in Linq Pro, plus many more that are specifically designed to accelerate your business. Here’s a look at the additional features that come with Linq for Teams:

Linq for Teams Exclusive Features

Admin management

Whoever is the administrator of your Linq for Teams account has oversight of all profiles and products for each team member. If you want to spread the responsibility out over a few team members, you can—the number of admins is unlimited.

Admins have access to detailed tracking of each team member within your organization via the teams dashboard. Plus, from the dashboard, admins have the ability to view and edit any individual team member’s page, as well as reassign cards, as needed, if someone on your team leaves.

Page templates

Save time getting your company up and running by creating a Linq profile page template for either your entire organization or specific teams within your organization. (Both the number of teams and templates you can create is unlimited.) Then, turn on which features team members can freely edit, and lock the features and sections that should remain templated.

This video shows you how to build templates, and what kind of content you can include:

Team analytics

Who’s digital business cards are getting scanned, and how many times are they being scanned? Plus, see where your team members are scanning their digital business cards when the cards are being scanned, and what viewers are looking at. This feature is great for sales managers, or anyone overseeing a team of people whose job requires networking.

Standard or custom CRM integrations

We offer seamless, standardized integrations with three CRMs: Hubspot, Salesforce, and Zoho. However, at Linq, we can build custom integrations for Linq for Teams accounts with more than 300 additional CRM platforms.

Workflow automations

In Linq for Teams accounts, you can automate key workflows, such as contact sharing, contact labels, creating reminders, and uploading to integrations. For instance, build a workflow that immediately imports any new contacts made into your CRM (aka no more manual importing!). Or, create a contact label called “outbound” that automatically attaches to any new contacts your outbound sales team makes and an “inbound” contact label for any new contacts your inbound sales team makes.

Team and Custom Directories

Every Linq for Teams user can add a directory of their larger team to their Linq profile page. But also, admins can create a custom directory that their employees can add to their profile pages. For example, if a group of employees is attending a conference, you can build a custom “Meet With One of Our Team Members on Site” directory for those team members to add to their profile pages. This way, anyone they connect with can also see who from the organization is attending the event.

Bulk uploading and exporting

In addition to saving time with our page templates, you’ll also save time with our bulk uploading feature. When onboarding your team with Linq digital business cards, all of the profiles can be created at once using a .csv Excel file. Similarly, Linq offers you the technology to export all contacts (and contacts can be shared across teams) as a .csv Excel file.

Which Linq Account Is Best For Your Business?

Both Linq Pro and Linq for Teams have features that will help you meet your boldest business goals. The size of your company (or department), as well as the features you need to level up your business, will dictate whether you should go with a Pro or Teams account.

Once you decide which account is best for you and your organization, you can sign up for Linq Pro here, or sign up for Linq for Teams here.