Stop missing opportunities with your business cards.

Empower your team to confidently share actionable info and collect leads with Linq’s digital business card.

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The most comprehensive networking solution on earth.

Integrate with 380+ CRMs

See real-time analytics

Brand profiles and products

Standardize team member profiles

Share new contacts across your team

Trigger custom workflows for new contacts

Tailored to your brand

Fully-branded ecosystem

Standardize pages

Templates to control content from one place

Customized to you

Product options that make sense for your brand

Empower Workflows

Automate Your Networking

Send new leads to your CRM

Linq connects directly to your CRM to effectively organize leads in a central place for your whole team.

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Create Centralized Directories

Access any team member's business card with one tap, without the paper.

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Zero Waste. 100% Sustainable.

Eliminate the waste of business cards that get lost or unused once someone leaves the company.

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Track what's important

Real-time Analytics

Measure the ROI of your team's networking efforts. Track actionable data like shares, clicks, meetings scheduled, and new contacts across your team.

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Go beyond sharing your information

Give your team the tools to network smarter.

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Make an unforgettable first impression

Eliminate people losing physical business cards

Share with anyone - they don’t need the Linq app!

No more manual data entry. Send new leads directly to your CRM.

Make an unforgettable first impression

Frequently Asked Questions

Linq Pro lets individual users build richer profiles and access more advanced analytics.

Linq for Teams includes all the features of Linq Pro for team members, but also includes admin management, custom templates, additional content types, a dedicated support rep, and access to over 300 CRM integrations.

Yes! Linq products come equipped with tappable NFC tech for newer phones and QR codes for phones without NFC. Even if the other person doesn't have their phone, Teams users can share their profile via text, email, email signature, Zoom background, and more.

Yes! With Teams, employees can scan paper business cards to convert them into digital contacts, then use workflows to send that data into a CRM, download it as a contact file, or simply rest assured that it's permanently saved in Linq.

No, Linq offers custom-branded digital wallet cards containing your branding, employee details, and a Linq QR code.

Yes. Linq offers a CSV upload feature to create team profiles in bulk. All they'll need to do is sign in with their email or phone number.

Yes, you can. From anywhere in the world, use the Teams admin dashboard to deactivate a product and make it ready to go for the next employee.

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