Single Sign-On Now Available for Linq

Hero image for article announcing that single sign-on, SSO, SAML is now available for Linq digital business cards.

Linq for Teams now supports SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), giving our enterprise teams an added level of security by having everyone sign in using their preferred SSO provider for their Linq for Teams digital business card account.

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “single sign-on,” you’ve likely seen it before. It often appears at a login screen and instead of entering your username and password (or creating one), you can login with your Google, Facebook, or Apple account, etc.

We integrate with all of the mainstream SSO providers, such as Google, WorkDay, Microsoft Azure, and more. You can see our complete list of integrations here. We also integrate with many of the smaller providers supported by SAML Single Sign-On.

The Benefits of Single Sign-On

There are more perks to adding SAML Single Sign-On to your Linq for Teams digital business card account than just a seamless sign-in process for your team members. For instance, SSO increases employee adoption of Linq electronic business cards. And there’s more:

  1. Choose how your organization uses SSO. Once SSO is enabled, Team Admins can decide if they want to only allow logins via SSO, or if team members will still have the option to use their Linq passcode.

  2. Streamline security. Using a single username and password will lower your risk of exposure to data breaches or phishing attacks, and if your SSO server complies with regulatory standards, that benefit is now extended to your Linq for Teams account.

  3. Remove Linq access with one click. If your account only allows team members to login via SSO, removing an individual’s Linq access is as simple as one click in your chosen SSO platform (WorkDay, Azure, Rippling, etc.).

How To Set Up Single Sign-On for Your Linq Digital Business Card

The first step is to send us a request! Under your “Organization Detail” page, go to “Manage SAML / Single Sign-On (SSO)” and submit a set-up request.

Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you directly to initiate the integration and set your organization up with SSO.

Before you can configure SSO login for your Linq for Teams digital business card account, two things must be in place:

  • You must be the account owner or admin for your organization’s Linq for Teams account.
  • You must be an administrator of your SSO provider.

Who Linq Integrates With for Single Sign-On (SSO)

We integrate with the following providers:

  1. Okta
  2. Google
  3. Azure
  4. ADFS
  5. DUO
  6. ADP
  7. JumpCloud
  8. KeyCloak
  9. LastPass
  10. MiniOrange
  11. NetIQ
  12. onelogin
  13. Oracle Cloud
  14. PingOne
  15. PingFederate
  16. Salesforce
  17. VMWare
  18. OpenID
  19. CAS
  20. ClassLink
  21. CloudFlare
  22. CyberArk
  23. Rippling
  24. simpleSAMLphp
  25. Shibboleth
  26. Auth0

In addition to the providers above, we also integrate with any identity provider that supports SAML, and any identity provider that supports OpenID Connect (OIDC).

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