3 Ways To Improve Your Free Digital Business Card (And Grow Your Business)

Excellent examples of digital business card profiles

Inspiration For Your Best Linq Page Ever

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration. So, we've rounded up a few super-star Linq users to inspire you to build your most effective Linq digital business card. See how these users elevate different content types to shine a unique light on their business and learn how their hacks drive engagement—and ultimately more business.

1. Vary Content Block Sizes

This solo-preneur artist varies how she embeds links in her virtual business card to show stunning visual contrast. Some links are sized as "small" with a simple color block around a headline text. Others are sized as "large" and have a graphic element, or photo, with a small text band underneath.

example of a Linq digital business card user who varies content block sizes to increase visual intrigue

If you have Linq Pro or Linq for Teams, you can use custom colors by inserting your brand's hex code to give your page a cohesive look and feel.

2. Spotlight With Photos

Here, these podcast hosts hacked the photo gallery feature to spotlight their most recent episodes. Tap the image and you can follow the link to the episode directly from their digital business card.

example of a Linq digital business card user who shares podcast episodes via the photo gallery

Upgrade to Linq Pro or Linq for Teams and you can share a podcast or playlist by embedding it from Spotify onto your Linq page.

3. Have Fun With GIFs

This regional sales manager uses gifs instead of static images to infuse levity into his electronic business card. He makes cell phone insurance, trade-in, and claims all links you'll want to click on.

example of a Linq digital business card user who incorporates gifs into his profile for levity

When you use Linq Pro or Linq for Teams, you can add videos to educate your connections!

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