Networking in the Metaverse at CES 2022

Networking in the Metaverse at CES 2022

Linq created an augmented reality experience that allows in-person and virtual CES attendees to instantly exchange information this week.

Las Vegas, NV
Jan. 04, 2022

Staying home for CES this year? Networking startup Linq still wants you in on the action with Linq Ether. This augmented reality experience allows both in-person and remote attendees to network with one another through an interactive, floating gallery of people using only a smartphone — no app required! Clicking on someone in the gallery opens up a detailed view of their profile where you can instantly exchange information including contact cards, social profiles, and websites. The contact list is then retrievable at any time from the Linq platform and can be integrated into other systems, like your phone’s contact list or a CRM.

According to CEO Elliott Potter, the company is also distributing thousands of their physical smart cards for free to in-person attendees in an attempt to “foster safe, contactless, and efficient networking” at the event (booth #19193). Similar to the Ether experience, the cards allow attendees to quickly exchange information with NFC technology and QR codes. “For us, networking is a pillar of the CES experience. We’re excited to make that accessible to as many people as possible at the event this year.”

Future applications of the technology include immersive networking experiences for other conferences, concerts, sporting events, and anywhere people are making meaningful connections. To experience Linq Ether yourself, complete your profile here and click “Network in the Metaverse” at the top of your profile. If you already have a Linq profile, join the CES network here and access the experience through your profile.


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