Linq’s Holiday Gift Guide For Him

Linq’s Holiday Gift Guide For Him

If your go-to gift for the guy on your list is usually a gadget, gifting him a Linq product fits the bill. Is he a tech newbie? We’ve also got him covered! So, go on, check out our guide to gifting—there’s something for every guy on your list here.

Shopping for a lady on your list instead? Here's our gift guide for her!

8 Holiday Gift Ideas For Him

1. For small business owners on your list

From shop owners to Airbnb hosts, the Linq Hub Mini V2 Custom helps small business owners share information and stay in touch with customers. Better yet, it’s both sleek-looking and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.

2. For the Enneagram 4—aka the person who always wants to be the most unique

Go with the Fully Custom Linq Card! The front is fully customizable, so get creative and explore vertical or horizontal designs. Upload a photo, business logo, and add text. We’ll do the rest!

3. For the golfer in your life

The Linq Stretch is both soft and low profile so it won't interrupt his swing. Need something more sweatproof? Take a look at the Linq Bracelet V3.

4. For the minimalist

The Linq Tap QR is perfect for that guy who can pack a week’s worth of clothes in a carry-on. This version of our tap is both NFC-embedded and QR-enabled and seamlessly sticks to the back of a phone. Think he'd prefer a tap with a graphic or his company logo on it? Design a Linq Custom Tap for him.

5. For the office gift exchange (or anyone on your list)

Easy—our Linq Card in matte black. As our bestseller, it’s sure to be a hit!

6. For the salesman in your life

Whether it’s auto sales, real estate, or another direct-to-consumer salesperson, the Linq Hub V2 Custom lets him instantly exchange his contact information with a prospective customer (even if he’s stepped away from his desk) and also share all of his relevant content in one place (think: links to social media, business website, house or auto inventory, and more). If designing a hub feels like too much, check out the Linq Hub V2—no design skills are needed.

7. For the guy who always buys the top of the line

Exactly as its premium name implies, the Linq Card Premium Custom is matte black stainless steel. The front is fully customizable, so get creative and explore vertical or horizontal designs.

8. For the seasoned adventurer

The Linq Bracelet V3 is our most durable wearable. Made of silicon and embedded with two NFC chips, this bracelet will withstand every adventure on his bucket list. Hot tip: it comes in 7 colors, but black is our most popular!


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