How to Establish Your Team’s Brand Identity

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Are you in the process of trying to establish your team’s brand identity? It may seem like a challenge, but there are a few simple things you can do to help you create a consistent brand identity and overall mission. Here are some of those items to help you get started.

Be Unique

Your team’s brand needs to be as unique as its logo. It needs to stand out and make a solid or distinct impression for your audience to remember. Think about how you want it to look and feel when potential clients see it for the first time and what kind of impression you want them to have. Trust, for example, is a key quality that your client should feel within their first few seconds of finding your brand’s online profile or meeting a member of your team. The same is true when someone sees your logo or a team member's profile.

Consider visual aspects like colors, typography (font-family), words, or messages you want to convey. Blue is a color often used to create an atmosphere of trust and professionalism. You can share and evoke other emotions or sentiments with these types of elements. Also, do you want your team to wear business attire to express professionalism? Or do you want to go for a more casual and fun appearance to help your audience feel less pressure or intimidated?

Whatever you wish to convey, it will need to fit the expectations of your audience and invite them to want to trust not only your team but your brand as well – or to at least feel comfortable enough to do business with you.

Identify Values (Be Genuine)

Any brand that wants to succeed will need to identify some core values. In other words, your team’s brand needs to be genuine. Are quality and transparency big things you want your brand to be recognized for? Maybe you’re more concerned about integrity or efficiency. Your team will need to reciprocate whatever the values of your brand are or at least create a plan for achieving those values.

Additionally, your team will need to identify values of their own that fit with your brand or that will somehow achieve its goals. As we said, the goal here is to be genuine, which is a quality your team will need to establish your overall brand’s identity.

Identify a Goal

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Along with identifying values, you must identify what your brand’s goals are. Are you trying to solve world hunger? Or are you helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses? Think about the problem that you are trying to fix and create or refine your goal around that. You may have multiple goals in mind, but try to focus on one. You can even narrow it down to the ones that are the most important.

Show How Your Team Understands the Audience

Your team needs to understand the audience. Do they know the demographics of the targeted audience, like income, the area where they live, age, etc.? What about the challenges the audience faces? Do they know what those are, and do they know how to present solutions to those problems? 

In return, your audience needs to know that your team understands them. Showing your audience that your team recognizes the problems they face and that you are an expert in solving the problem establishes your brand identity significantly.

Create Profiles for Your Team

One of the best ways to establish your team’s brand identity is by creating and managing online profiles for your team members through our Linq app. At Linq, we offer the best digital business card with customizable options, but with our Linq for Teams feature, you can do all of that while managing your team’s pages from one place. Our digital business card app helps people to find your brand. It is the perfect way for you and your teammates to introduce yourselves so they can get to know you better. The other benefit of using Linq for Teams is that you can customize your team’s pages to fit the look and feel of your brand. You can even track analytics like shares or clicks on your teammates’ profiles.

Linq for Teams is best for networking and gathering more leads, which is why it is such a good idea to create a digital business card. Potential clients will have the chance to see what your brand is about as well as what you have to offer. It is the easiest way to combine all of the elements we just talked about into one place.

Give Us a Try!

You now know of some ways to establish your team’s brand identity. Let Linq for Teams help you and your team achieve your goals by giving us a try. If you have questions, let us know!