How Do You Make a Digital Business Card?

How Do You Make a Digital Business Card?

Digital business cards offer the newest way to network easily and efficiently. So, why should you have a digital business card? Let’s get to it.

Introduce Yourself Hassle-Free

A digital business card is a fast and easy way to share your contact details with others. Plus, it’s a great way to generate leads!

Think about it. Through a digital business card, you can quickly introduce yourself and your organization to potential clients. You won’t have to fumble through your wallet or purse for a paper copy anymore.

Show More for Less

Paper business cards can only show so much, and it’s easy to make a mistake but hard and expensive to fix. 

With digital cards, you have the power to show more than only your name and number. People will be able to see your uploaded photos, videos, and links to your business. If you make a mistake or want to add changes to your card, you can do so with ease and without the extra cost!

How to Make a Digital Business Card

We’ve talked about why you should have a digital business card, but now let’s look at how to make a digital business card in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Create an Account

For starters, you’ll need to create an account with Linq. You can do this by going to the “Build your page” tab in the menu.
Main menu for Linq app

Once the page appears, enter your name, phone number, and email in the appropriate fields. When finished, select Get Started.

Sign-up page for Linq app


Step 2: Add Content to Your Profile

Next, you’ll be taken to your new account and welcomed with a message introducing you to the app. Read through the quick overview and click Continue.

Welcome page for new users to Linq app

If you have a Linq product that you want to activate, you can select Activate. If you don’t have one or would like to set that up later, you can pick Maybe Later instead.

Activation request to Linq product

From here on, you can edit your profile however you want. To start adding details to your account, select the green button that says Add Content +.

Close-up of green Add Content button on Linq app profile

Choose any option you desire; add social icons, a photo gallery, buttons, links, and more to personalize your profile. It’s your business card, after all.

Content-Type page for Linq app

Once you’ve picked what you want, fill in any details about yourself or your company, and select SAVE to add it to your profile. Or, click CANCEL to go back and view your options again.

User editing the About tile on their Linq profile

Step 3: Edit Your Content

Editing content on your profile is as easy as adding it.

If you make a mistake on your account or need to edit your profile, you can fix it with just a few steps. First, find the tile you wish to change and select the green Edit off to the right.

Close-up of user’s profile page on their Linq app

Make any changes you want and when finished, hit SAVE to update your information. Again, you can also select CANCEL if you decide to keep what you originally had.

User editing their information on the About tile of a Linq account

To remove or delete a tile from your profile, select the tile you wish to remove by tapping Edit. Next, scroll down and find the red button that says DELETE THIS TILE. When selected, the tile, and all the information on it, will be permanently removed.

Close-up view of a red Delete-This-Tile button

Lastly, arrange your tiles however you want by tapping the Reorder button next to Add Content+

Close-up of white and grey Reorder button next to green Add Content+ 

Drag and drop your tiles to where you want them. When finished, hit Done.

View of tiles that can be repositioned on the user’s Linq profile 

That’s It!

See? Learning how to make a digital business card isn’t that bad! Once you’ve gone through this simple process, you can activate your Linq product or use your mobile device to start sharing your profile and make leads. Networking just got that much easier for you.


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