Linq Card
Linq Card
Font and back of the Linq Card. On the back you get a QR code that allows you to share easily with all phones even if they dont support NFC.

Linq Card

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NFC embedded and QR-equipped, scratch-resistant polyvinyl.

With your Linq card, instantly share:

  • contact info
  • social profiles
  • payment profiles (Cash App, Venmo, PayPal)
  • photos / video
  • custom call-to-action buttons
  • websites, and more!

And with Linq Pro, you can configure your card to point directly to a specific site. Tap to go straight to your Instagram or LinkedIn, for example. Get yours today!

For information regarding supported devices, check out

These cards are in stock and ready to ship to you as soon as you order! 

Limit 1 per order

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