What Are NFC Business Cards?

What Are NFC Business Cards?

With technological advancement, communicating information is becoming more important than ever. Take, for example, a person representing their company or the work that they do. Giving your details to potential customers through a paper business card is a quick, old-fashioned tradition. Yet, while this gets the job done, it has some setbacks.

One, a paper card doesn’t tell a client enough about you or the company you represent. Two, if your card has a misprint, not only does it look unprofessional, but it’s hard to fix. Three, what do you do if you run out of business cards right when an interested client asks for one?

That’s where NFC business cards come in handy. These digital business cards eliminate the need for paper and are easy to pull out for a quick scan-and-go. You also won’t have to worry so much about making a printing error on your card.


What Does NFC Mean? 

NFC stands for “near field communication.” It’s a type of technology that enables individuals to wirelessly communicate information to each other from a short distance. It’s commonly used for securely accessing buildings that require a card with a built-in chip or for getting on a bus or train. You’ll also see other NFC-embedded devices such as key fobs, bracelets, and smartwatches.



How Does It Work?

As cool as that may sound, it doesn’t answer how NFC business cards work.

As we mentioned, an NFC card has a chip embedded into it. This can direct mobile devices to your profile via the internet. For example, to share your business profile with a potential customer (or employer if you’re job hunting), all you have to do is pull out your digital business card and have the other person scan it with their mobile device. The person’s device will immediately receive a link that takes them to your profile. From there, they’ll be able to see your contact information, videos, links to other websites or social media accounts, and more.



Benefits of an NFC Business Card

We’ve already hinted at a few benefits to using an NFC business card, but here are some other perks: 

  • Affordable: Traditional paper business cards are meant to be disposable. You hand them out hoping that a client will want to do business with you soon. The cost to buy paper business cards, however, will vary from a few bucks to hundreds of dollars. It depends on how often you have to reorder a new stack of cards and how often you think you’ll be passing them out to potential customers. Over time, the cost will add up. With NFC business cards, you only need to buy them once and you don’t have to worry about giving them away.
  • Saves on Battery Power: NFCs are also great power savers for your mobile phone. You won’t have to establish long-distance connections via Bluetooth or WiFi to share your contact information.
  • Convenient: We already touched on convenience, but to share your contact information, all you have to do is whip out your card, let the other person scan it with their mobile device, and you’re all set.



To make a long story short, NFC business cards are the way to go! They’re affordable, convenient, and offer a great way to share your contact details, gather leads, or grow your business.