It’s Time Paper Cards Got a Bit Smarter. Introducing Linq Paper

Introducing the all-new Linq Paper digital business card!

At Linq, our mission is to increase the value of human relationships.

We started with a QR code that linked to a simple (no-code) landing page. That was our first digital business card.

Then, in 2020 we launched our line of digital business cards to give people a combination of the more traditional approach to connecting that they’re used to, while also giving them access to the future of business cards. And in 2021 we launched a line of wearables. Our silicon and stretch bracelets are a fashion-forward, easy, and memorable way to connect anytime, anyplace.

“Our goal at Linq is to always build products that make it as seamless as possible for people to share information and create lasting connections. This doesn’t just include the software that fuels our platform—we expect the same of each hardware product we design and develop,” says Jared Mattsson, Co-Founder.

Now we’re taking our hardware offering a step further. Introducing Linq Paper! Our QR-enabled and NFC-embedded paper card options are designed for those moments that call for leaving behind a great impression. And they’re just as eco-friendly as the rest of our hardware products.

This next iteration of a Linq card has all the power of a Linq Card and any of our wearables:

  • connected to your easy-to-update Linq page
  • customize branding on your cards and Linq page
  • collect contact information back from new connections
  • automate follow-up with your CRM
  • track engagement with click-level analytics

The all-new Linq Paper, however, is intentionally designed to help you stand out long after you walk away—creating value out of what would have otherwise been a missed opportunity.

While some of our competitors don’t believe in selling hardware products, we believe you deserve options in how you can network. So at Linq, instead of sending you elsewhere to purchase your QR-enabled or NFC-embedded business cards, we make the process seamless with world-class hardware that’s easy to activate and use.

Now, with Linq Paper, you have one more option. Just like our Linq Card and wearables, Linq Paper not only gets the conversation started, but it is the conversation starter. We all have different ways we need—and prefer—to connect. So whenever the connection happens, we are here to help you make it count and make it memorable.


Check out the various Linq Paper options here, then design and order yours!