FanDuel Bets on Linq Partnership To Enhance Their VIP Experience

FanDuel Bets on Linq Partnership To Enhance Their VIP Experience

The online sports betting market has seen a large growth in recent years—propelled by an increasing digital connectedness, a rise in the number of sports events and leagues, even the COVID-19 pandemic. And FanDuel has the U.S. market cornered as the #1 Sportsbook and the premier mobile sports betting operator—a quick rise to the top since their launch in 2018.

At FanDuel not only is every season FanDuel season, but also they make every moment for users mean more. So with that top of mind, FanDuel has partnered with Linq. Linq’s technology enables FanDuel VIP Account Managers to connect with their VIPs in a customized platform that streamlines communication, helpful resources, and where and how VIPs like to connect.

“When FanDuel came to us looking for a better way to connect with their audience at events, we were thrilled—as business partners and fans of the company. The FanDuel profiles showcase their latest product offerings, recent events, and marketing videos in a way that will connect with their VIPs much more strongly than just a conversation or print collateral would alone.” —Elliott Potter, co-founder and CEO

Upgrade Your Networking With Linq

Linq is a networking platform that enables users—from large enterprises to individual users—to instantly share valuable information through highly customizable pages. The custom landing pages that users create are attached to a variety of smart products that harness QR codes and “near field communication” (NFC) technology. Led by CEO Elliott Potter, COO Jared Mattsson, and CTO Patrick Sullivan, Linq helps enterprises, entrepreneurs, and influencers connect with others in magical and trackable moments. Interested in using Linq's technology for your organization? Check out Linq for Teams.

About FanDuel

FanDuel is America’s #1 Sportsbook and the premier mobile sports betting operator in the U.S. Despite many imitators, there’s still no better place to play—FanDuel is the destination for sports fans online. From fantasy sports to horse racing, UFC, and even FanDuel Casino, there’s a contest for you on FanDuel. Visit FanDuel’s website or download one of their apps to find out which states you can play in with FanDuel.